Personal Injury

There Is A Reason Why Insurance Companies Spend Millions Of Dollars In Advertising and Lobbying To Limit Your Rights After An Accident!  Do Not Go Unarmed Into A Battle With Experts Who Know All The Tricks and Gimics!

Every Person Involved In a Serious Accident Should Consult With An Attorney -- Our Initial Consultations Concerning Accident Injuries Are Always Free!

Accidents are traumatic events.  Insurance companies and attorneys know this.  That is why they often want to "take your statement" or "record your statement" right after the accident.  You may well still be suffering from an injury, from shock, or from the emotional upset of being in the accident.  All of these conditions lead to people saying things that are not accurate or fair because they are stressed, upset or injured.

Neighborhood Law Office NEVER charges any fee for your meeting with one of our attorneys to discuss the injuries you received in any kind of accident, to discuss whether you may have a claim, whether it is covered by insurance, and how to handle the claims you may have.  Its part of our promise to you to provide Legal Services At A Price You Can Afford!™

Regardless of the type of accident, or the type of injury, Neighborhood Law Office can provide you with a wide range of services and products.  We can provide you with advice on handling the matter yourself -- what to say and how to say it -- as well as the correct documents and assist you with understanding how to keep and create the necessary records.  NLO can also provide attorneys for full representation or for representation only at some stages, such as negotiation with the insurance company, or appearance in traffic court.

Anyone who is involved in a serious accident -- or who was injured regardless of the party at fault -- should consult an attorney before talking to any insurance claims agent or employee or to an attorney representing another party.  Many important rights can be lost by people who do not fully understand the intentions and process of the insurance company (which may be to deny your claims or even your insurance coverage), or an attorney who is representing the other driver or their insurance company.