Investment Opportunities

Neighborhood Law Office™ is looking for investors interested in getting in on the ground floor of a business that has been called "the H&R Block of law offices."  Investors may be attorneys, but do not have to be attorneys.

Neighborhood Law Office™ has established a system for franchisees to provide office, staffing and background support for the nationwide law firm.

The Neighborhood Law Office™ law firm leases its paralegals, office support staff, offices, computers, internet, advertising, and everything necessary to run a law office from our Franchisees who provide turn key offices as well as non-attorney employees to the law firm.  Business owners are taught the role and functions of a paralegal and will in most cases act as paralegals for the law firm.  Business owners do not need to have any prior legal experience in order to be successful in the operation of a Neighborhood Law Office™ store. 

The Neighborhood Law Office™ legal firm hires and supervises the attorneys. You hire paralegals and support staff and lease them to the Neighborhood Law Office™ legal firm. Pursuant to that lease, the law firm supervises the paralegals and the support staff as required by relevant state attorney ethics rules.

Are you passionate about owning a business that is rewarding and positioned for a long-term growth?  Find out how you can unlock your potential to earn while you are giving something back!  Fill out the application below and our Franchise Director will be happy to contact you with more information.  


The Neighborhood Law Office™ Store Front model provides legal services through attorneys and paralegals at your NLO Legal Services Management Company Franchise office.  We authorize our franchisees to operate a high-caliber NLO Legal Services Management Company franchises to offer and provide law office support and management services and related products for the nationwide law firm known as Neighborhood Law Office® , and to solo practitioners and small law firms generally. The Neighborhood Law Office™ law firm provides legal services through attorneys and paralegals (that are supervised by attorneys) at your NLO Legal Services Management Franchise office.  You hire paralegals and support staff and lease them to the Neighborhood Law Office™ law firm.  Pursuant to that lease, the Neighborhood Law Office™ law firm supervises the professional activities and work of the paralegals and the support staff as required by relevant state attorney ethics rules.  The Neighborhood Law Office™ law firm is also responsible for research and development related to legal services and products offered from your NLO Legal Services Management Franchise office.


Neighborhood Law Office™ is a National Law Firm designed to provide consumer legal services directly to the consumer from a store front setting which caters to walk-in and do-it-yourself customers and those who are looking for affordable legal services.  Neighborhood Law Office™ Store Front Law Offices will be located in high traffic, high visibility settings which will be chosen to maximize the suburban, moderate income customer.


Neighborhood Law Office™ exists to provide the public with a cost effective and efficient alternative to the traditional law firm and to provide Legal Services At A Price You Can Afford!


The recent economic crisis and the resulting problems with mortgages, loans and businesses has provided a climate in which the easily found, easily accessed and moderately priced consumer law practice can quickly establish itself.  The concept coupled with the current environment promises a quick roll-out and rapid growth.

The investment necessary to buy into Neighborhood Law Office™ is approximately $100,000 per unit.  Non-attorney investors do not buy units in the law firm, but instead in a management company that has an exclusive relationship with the law firm.

Investors can be "silent" and have nothing to do with operations, or they may choose to work in a Neighborhood Law Office™ store location.  In the event that the investor decides to work in a store location, the store location (either existing or a new build) is worked out in advance.  There are places in the operations side of the enterprise for both attorneys and non-attorneys who have an interest in working as a paralegal.

Why Neighborhood Law Office™?

  • The Neighborhood Law Office™ model is the future of the legal business.
  • There is a defined exit plan for those who are looking to exit in the 5 to 10 year timeframe. 
  • Neighborhood Law Office™ has an excellent team with strong work ethics and leadership skills.



Some sources estimate that in the United States more than 70% of all persons engaged in a legal activity (preparation of documents, handling a transaction) are not represented by an attorney.  This number holds true as well for those persons appearing in court proceedings.  These persons are employed and successful.  It is simply mystery, cost and fear of escalation of their legal issue that prevent them from utilizing the services of a traditional attorney.


Neighborhood Law Office™ opened its doors in May 20009, and has now operated for two years, establishing best practices, operations and policies, as well as experimenting with advertising.  Neighborhood Law Office™ is now ready for the next step, which is growth through internal investment and expansion. 

Neighborhood Law Office™ investors interested in working in operation of the store locations do not require that the owner be an attorney. While legal experience as a paralegal, etc., is helpful, it is not required. On the other hand, the Neighborhood Law Office™ system is the perfect way to run a law firm for the experienced attorney who is tired of the rat race, or the new attorney that is having trouble establishing a practice.